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joe wears my underwear backwards.

so the weekend consisted of joe coming over to see steve and me somehow getting talked into shaving his ass since his sister had shaved his back. that's one of the most intimate ways to gain a friend that i've ever been a part of .. makes for a quick friendship. we went to happy endings and soundgarden with adam and some of his friends after that and had bubble tea and bought an air cd and a promise ring cd i used to have and a used pulp separations cd. i got up and went to work super early the next morning but then steve and joe and i went to rochester to hang out with bobby for the nite. his sister's neon made us all feel sick, and then we went to 4 or 5 record stores where steve found some good stuff he'd been looking for. we went to some diner and saw a middle eastern woman w/ the biggest chest i'd ever seen. and joe used the amazing phrase "if it's anything above a B, it's b-b-bye."

rochester was a good break. joe said it in his journal too, but i think it was a break away from syracuse that we all needed. steve and i slept together on the air mattress in the living room and i woke up to the sounds of joe flipping through a playboy featuring tiffany. the drive back to syracuse took no time at all and then steve and i spent about 2 and a half hours spending $100 in groceries in wegmans and then came home and made an amazing meditteranean tofu and couscous dinner. then joe came over again and we played video games and made steve a friendster profile.

he's already gotten 3 random messages from girls saying "whY D0 U n0t LiVe Cl0sEr 2 mE?! <333!!1!!" hot.

billy idol at the casino on wednesday. then just one week til steve and i are back in atlanta for a few days.
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