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...and i wonder if anyone feels the way i feel...


so the week began with the pneumonia scare = no work. i sat around in bed and watched movies and played with my cats and did returns and cleaned the apartment.

wednesday night steve and i flew to atlanta. we played cards on the plane and were amazed that they now give you your entire can of soda instead of just a few swallows worth. then steve met my mom, who was amazing for most of the time i was there but pulled out her usual mom routine (the one i remembered the second it started happening) and the last day or so of the 3 day atlanta trip was a bit botched. she's out of my finances now, and what should have been my college fund is paying for my rent now. so she really has no say anymore. i got a new winter coat that steve's promising will keep me warm. and steve gained 5 pounds while he was in atlanta thanks to mexican restaurants and harmony.

and now we're back in syracuse. hate to say i'm thankful, but i am. before we took the vacation to atlanta, i was thinking i was wanting to move back there at the end of this year. i was still thinking that for the first night we were there. by daylight of the second say, i realized that i hated that town for all 13 years i lived there. the area is nice, the apartments and houses are gorgeous, and the crime is low, but the place and most of the people in it sucks a lot. i never found anything that made me even close to happy there. so ... i'm not going back. i'll go back to visit my family, but atlanta isn't a place i'm going to move back to.

i'm also not sure if mary and i are willing to live with eachother again after this year. as it is, i just walked in the door, ushered my cats in, and shut the door without saying anything to her.

steve and i realized tonite that we've spent the majority of every day together since i moved here. besides the possibly 2 or 3 days we haven't seen eachother, we've been in eachother's company for almost the entire time i've lived in syracuse. the 10 days mary spent in georgia while steve lived here in the apartment with me were the best 10 days since i got here. we have similar eating habits, sleeping habits, etc habits. we coexist really well together. we've been talking a lot about living with eachother by the end of this year. i talked to my mom about it and she says i'm on my own, so i live w/ whomever i choose to live with. i think steve's a great choice. we realize there's a chance we won't be together at the end of this year, and if that's what happens, we'll deal with that. for now i love that kid more than i've ever loved anyone and i've never been in a relationship that functions as well as this one does. for now it looks like there's the chance that we'll be roommates come june 2004.

and we're compromising possibly with raleigh or chapel hill, north carolina.
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