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somebody got his hair done robert smith style:


at least daniel's eagerly awaiting my 3-day return to atlanta in september. and he's going to get huge hugs. and i think that's all. <3:

theshortfatkid (10:29:47 PM): can i make out with him
theshortfatkid (10:29:51 PM): and not have you get mad
theshortfatkid (10:29:56 PM): i smell a 3some
iloveyourtrauma (10:30:08 PM): haha dude you don't want a piece of me
theshortfatkid (10:31:24 PM): oh dont worry
theshortfatkid (10:31:34 PM): i have group sex more often than youd think
theshortfatkid (10:31:38 PM): and im serious
iloveyourtrauma (10:31:49 PM): haha WOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL WORTHY
theshortfatkid (10:32:57 PM): ha
theshortfatkid (10:33:01 PM): well not THAT often
theshortfatkid (10:33:17 PM): but id totally let you be on the other side of some guy i was fucking in the ass

YIKES! looks like steve's going to see a little more than just atlanta on his vacation. looks like he could be seeing this hot piece of ass:

if you're a gay boy in the atlanta area, snatch that boy up before i get there. and treat him right. and make out with him b/c i hear he's really good at that.
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