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i have to admit i'm really glad to be 1,000 miles away from the drama, too. though i still feel like i have some friendships in atlanta, i found the real kind here. i found the kind where you know the kids would do absolutely anything for you and you'd do it too. i won't be here for any longer than a year, but i've already made incredibly lasting friendships here. and i've met the boy that i hope to have in my life forever. the one whose personality seems to mesh perfectly with mine. the one who never wanted any drama in his life - the one who accepts that people can have good motives and that things can get misconstrued and fucked up along the way.

i don't hate her. i don't even dislike her. i never will. i don't dislike anyone from atlanta at all. i wish all of those kids the best in the world and there are a few of them i still love with all my heart. i do feel sorry for her. i feel sorry that she can believe she's through having extreme mental issues. i hope she'll always be in the mindframe she's in right now. it's probably really healthy for her. i was pissed off by that IM because it just seemed like she was doing it to make herself feel better. the drama she caused was fucking unreal. and i find it hilarious that she'd say the drama in atlanta is down b/c i'm gone. i read that journal for the first time today since i moved here and i won't be reading it again. the past is the past and now i'm through with direct messages. you were a big part of my life at one point. you did a lot of good in my life, you were once a good friend to me, and now that time is over. if i ever pass you in the street i'll smile at you. you have always had good intentions deep down. you're not malicious and you're not fully in control of what all goes on around you. i am bitter about some things, and i may be for a while to come. but i learned from all of that, and you are your own person. you are a good friend to the right people. stay what you are. and i'll stay what i am. and we'll be perfect friends for other people. never hurt to try.

and steve ... i love you for spending 2 hours in michaels today with me and for reading a book on knitting. i love you for wanting to go see billy idol and for asking what our apartment would look like if we moved in together. i love your friends and i love that you've been a good friend to them for years and years ... and i see how much they love you and i know exactly why. after having a horrible day today, it was totally okay after i saw you. <3

tomorrow is work at 5:30am-12:15pm and then i'm having lunch with beautiful, amazing, adorable gay adam. and then i'm hanging out and knitting with steve (because it's getting cold here) and then we're going to the casino to see billy idol!!

i met the guys from styx at work the other day.
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