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so this is what sunday is reduced to:

1. a saturday night of steve and i making a sleepytime trio shirt, which he modeled for me this morning.
2. us laying in bed while i have pneumonia. and him probably catching it. nice to have that caught on .. film? digital image? i don't know. but i'm betting he's sick now too.
3. atreyu showing off his teeth in a minor growl.
4. me starring at the picture of how i want to get my hair cut on friday while i'm home. i don't know if i can pull that off. and i don't know if i can pull it off w/ my hair a medium brown or if i need to dye it a soft black when i get home.

steve drew me an amazing eloise picture last nite and it's up on my wall right now, alongside my "here's the thing of it... i have a dog who looks like a cat" poster. we found eloise dolls and stickers and pillboxes on ebay today too and i'm hurting for those.

we've been here for 2 months and we're already looking at atlanta apartments online. i know life will be really different there when i get back, but that's good. steve wants to move, too ... so we're looking at 3-bedrooms so we have enough space for everybody's everythings. i don't want him to leave his friends that he's got here ... they're so amazing. he's got such a good support network w/ really genuine friends who have been behind him for years and years. i'm doubtful that's there for him in atlanta. i know i never found that there. but if mary's there and he's there too, i've got all i need in atlanta.

8 hours of work tomorrow and tuesday then 4 on wednesday - then a nitetime flight to atlanta with steve. then harmony that night with my mom :)
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