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i want a flying marsupial named mogwai.

if i don't stop getting sick, i'm going to die in syracuse.

so it's not just pneumonia or bronchitis now, it seems to be a cold on top of all of that. mary and i both nap all day long and then eat. and then go back to sleep. i drink green jasmine tea with honey in it all day long and take about 8 billion bathroom breaks. i've been watching lifetime movies all day.

leave for atlanta at about 3:30 tomorrow. i'll get there around 7 at nite. then going to harmony to eat dinner w/ my mom. she keeps asking what steve eats for breakfast.

yesterday, b/c i haven't worked all week, we went to a petstore that has sugar gliders and degus and all kinds of weird animals. we wanted the sugar glider, but found out they're illegal in georgia. so that's a no go. pretty disappointing. i want a flying marsupial.

we also found a stray cat that lives outside of my dr's office that we want to transport to steve's yard. we're naming him atticus finch. i'm gonna drop by the office to see if i can find him today. that's the only time i'm planning on leaving this house. and then i will rest all nite tonite and again for half the day tomorrow before going home to see my mommy.

this entire apartment smells like 'crisp linen' lysol. bleh.
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