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please contribute to our fund.

i'm thinking of staying in syracuse.

i hate this town altogether, honestly. the way it's decaying and dirty ... the way nothing new is ever being built. the way everyone is either ghetto or has a horrible accent. but there's one thing i love .. something that'll keep me here after this one year is over. i love the people here. so so so so so much.

i love how i go to work and jeff and dan and steve and demetra and adam stop by all in one day sometimes. i love how steve is here. period. that's enough said about that - he makes syracuse worth it no matter what. and then there's adam, whom i feel like i've made an amazing friend out of. if i stay here, adam said he'd want to live w/ me and steve. so it'd be the 3 of us living together and i can't think of 2 people i'd rather live with. when i first met adam i told micha that i felt like i was suppossed to meet him - like i felt like i needed to get to know him better. and i was so right. he's made me feel like i met another amazing friend outside of steve (and all on my own). so when he walks into my work with a giant sunflower behind his back that he got for me at the flower shop on his way to see me, it makes me feel like i'm in someone's thoughts. it's good to feel like i have friends. it's so good to finally feel that.

i could never take steve away from the friends he has who love him. i know that no matter how badly i wanted to get out of syracuse, i dont' want it enough to take him away from them. and to tell anyone the truth, i don't want to leave those friends behind either. i love genuinely getting along with all of his friends that i meet, and i love the ones i've made on my own. demetra and adam and micha and erica and fern are amazing. i love the people i'm slowly meeting through steve and on my own, too. i'm finally feeling like i have a strong support system. and like my mom said, it matters who you have by you, not where you are that'll make you happy. and she's so right.

i'm also heavily looking into starting a vet tech/vet assistant program in the winter. it'll probably take me through the summer to get through it, but once i do, i can work here in NY as a vet tech at just about any hospital/clinic i want to work in and i can start at a good salary with benefits. steve and i are considering doing the program together, which would be AMAZING. he and i both love animals more than anyone i've ever met. when i feel down i go to as many pet stores as i can. we went tonite and saw these AMAZING kittens and bunnies. but we're both keeping piggy banks at our seperate houses to put spare change in for the sugar glider fund.

if you'd like to contribute to that sugar glider fund, let me know and you can come over and play with our flying squirrel/flying marsupial.

ohhhh tomorrow's the day off. finding a bank here and making 2 accounts, faxing my mom hospital bills, hanging out with steve (maybe a new pet store?), and then out to eat dinner with adam probably... all after sleeping in for as lonnnnng as i want.
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