: Dear Infatuation (somethingsvague) wrote,
: Dear Infatuation

iloveyourtrauma (7:49:29 PM): who is this
cusewi (7:49:39 PM): matt
iloveyourtrauma (7:50:05 PM): for soem reason i have you on my buddy list and i have no idea why
cusewi (7:50:27 PM): do you have a pic
iloveyourtrauma (7:50:40 PM): can you connect?
cusewi wants to directly connect (7:51:00 PM).
cusewi (7:51:02 PM): yea
cusewi is now directly connected (7:51:06 PM).
iloveyourtrauma (7:51:21 PM):

cusewi (7:51:34 PM): i dont know
cusewi (7:51:36 PM): i am not gay
iloveyourtrauma (7:51:37 PM): wuh oh!
cusewi direct connection is closed (7:51:37 PM).
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